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Beton Development Toolkit ChnageLog file

VERSION 1.0rc2:

[Jacek Łuczak]
* BDT-1.0rc2

[Łukasz Jankowski]
* Terminate option in bb_backup if backup package exist.

[Jacek Łuczak]
* Added user BDT functions facility. Function files
are represented by BETON_USERBDTF variable in
configuration file. All functions from specified
files are exported and could be used in BB scripts.

[Łukasz Jankowski]
* Added export of BB_SUFFIX variable for compatibility
with x86_64 BB scripts.

[Łukasz Jankowski]
* Regression fix in bb_backup: error in variable name and
configuration loading.

[Jacek Łuczak]
* Cascade build: fixed continue question and added 'terminate'.
bugfix: added checking of BETON_OPT: if no architecture
specified, stop script execution.

[Jacek Łuczak]
* New bb_launch options: --mtune (-mt) and --march (-ma) use
mtune or march as the optimalization flag. This option
overwrite one specified by BETON_OPTFLAG.

[Jacek Łuczak]
* New configuration options:
BETON_ONETARGET - don't use arch_to_target translation
and set TARGET using BETON_TARGET;
BETON_OPTFLAG - default optimalization flag to use,
possible values are mtune or march;
BETON_BDTF - path to corefunctions directory,

[Jacek Łuczak]
* Modularization: main functions are placed in main.bdtf
file; bb_backup uses bdt_check to check variables;
now BCFLAGS and BCXXFLAGS are managed by function
bdt_setoptflags (from main.bdtf); new function -
bdt_arch_to_target manages TARGET variable.

VERSION 1.0rc1 BUILD2 (all by Jacek Łuczak):

* package fix; doinst.sh for BDT - if beton_devel.conf exist place
package file as beton_devel.conf.new;

* bugfix: '--flog' option logged ONLY stdout!

VERSION 1.0rc1:

[Jacek Łuczak]
* BDT 1.0rc1

[Michał Osyczka]
* Intellectual support ;-)

[Jacek Łuczak]
* Backup options (-s, -m and -p) can be connected, e.g.: bb_backup -s -p
will make backup of BBS and packages.

[Łukasz Jankowski]
* Added backup facility for materials in
bb_backup. Verbose mode cleanup. Default
action is to backup BBS and materials.

[Jacek Łuczak]
* Fixed invalid expression in BBS and other small fixes.

[Jacek Łuczak]
* Fixed BETON_CHLOG checking + don't check
BETON_CHLOG if nochlog options specified.

[Jacek Łuczak]
* New option added: nobblog -- This option
disable information appending to BuildLog
file. NOTE: If nobblog is specified, then
flog option will be disabled too.

[Jacek Łuczak]
* Privilege check for bblog directory, BuildLog file and FullLog file.

[Łukasz Jankowski]
* Rewritten base environment variable checking.

[Łukasz Jankowski]
[Jacek Łuczak]
* Now by default '-cup' option is passed when
script is launched. Use '--noclean' to disable.

[Łukasz Jankowski]
* Improved script finding.

[Łukasz Jankowski]
* Verbose mode cleanup. By default verbose mode
is now off! Use verbose option if you want more

[Jacek Łuczak]
* New option added: flog -- use command tee to perform full
log of BetonBuild Script execution. If delete
option was specified, then old log file will be

[Jacek Łuczak]
* Fixed invalid expression in script finding.

VERSION 1.0pre2 (all by Jacek Łuczak):

* BDT 1.0pre2

* There are problems with athlon-xp architecture. pkgtools can't
handle packages like xxx-666-athlon-xp-1.tgz (there is
fixed version of pkgtools made by Lukasz Jankowski
aka nOrNic). Packages compiled for
athlon-xp architecture will be truncated to athlon only string.

* New option added: targetdir this option adds target string to
BETON_PACKAGE directory.

* New option added: nochlog. BetonBuild Scripts now have support
for doinst.sh files. Fixed BETON_CHLOG checking. Target
string can be set in configuration file or via exported
variable. Echo cleanups & lot of small fixes :)

* Added access check in directories of the BDT. BBLDIR is now
exportable + extra checks added.

* Removed bb_chlog script (new marker added: #_#)!
All ChangeLog file operations are now performed by bb_launch.

* A lot of improvements to bb_backup, e.g.: added option --dellog,
separated backup copy of BB scripts and build packages.

* Added checking of main BetonBuild scripts variables (NAME, VERSION & BUILD).
New option: clean. Lot of small fixes.

* New BetonBuild script format (new marker: #@#) - added 'USED FILES'
and checking facility in bb_launch.

* Rewritten Beton_checkenv function. Removed backup facility
to separated script bb_backup.

* Exit codes cleanup (see exitCodes file for more details).

VERSION 1.0pre1 (all by Jacek Łuczak):

* BDT 1.0pre1

* Added -d (--delete) option and backup package indexing.

* Rewritten script launching and new logging
facility. Now bb_chlog adds entries from
BB scripts to BuildLog file too. BB script exit values
are managed.

* New features:
--arch option for building only specified architectures;
--backup option which stand for making backup package of
BetonBuild scripts

* Added verbosity and multi architecture building.

VERSION 0.1 (all by Jacek Łuczak):

* Main concept! bb_launch contains only
variable checking, partial logging and
scripts launching (of course:-)