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Jacek Łuczak

Chenges between 1.0pre2 and 1.0rc1

[Jacek Łuczak]
* BDT 1.0rc1

[Michał Osyczka]
* Intellectual support ;-)

[Jacek Łuczak]
* Backup options (-s, -m and -p) can be connected, e.g.: bb_backup -s -p
will make backup of BBS and packages.

[Łukasz Jankowski]
* Added backup facility for materials in
bb_backup. Verbose mode cleanup. Default
action is to backup BBS and materials.

[Jacek Łuczak]
* Fixed invalid expression in BBS and other small fixes.

[Jacek Łuczak]
* Fixed BETON_CHLOG checking + don't check
BETON_CHLOG if nochlog options specified.

[Jacek Łuczak]
* New option added: nobblog -- This option
disable information appending to BuildLog
file. NOTE: If nobblog is specified, then
flog option will be disabled too.

[Jacek Łuczak]
* Privilege check for bblog directory, BuildLog file and FullLog file.

[Łukasz Jankowski]
* Rewritten base environment variable checking.

[Łukasz Jankowski]
[Jacek Łuczak]
* Now by default '-cup' option is passed when
script is launched. Use '--noclean' to disable.

[Łukasz Jankowski]
* Improved script finding.

[Łukasz Jankowski]
* Verbose mode cleanup. By default verbose mode
is now off! Use verbose option if you want more

[Jacek Łuczak]
* New option added: flog -- use command tee to perform full
log of BetonBuild Script execution. If delete
option was specified, then old log file will be

[Jacek Łuczak]
* Fixed invalid expression in script finding.