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» What is BDT?

BDT aka Beton Development ToolKit is a set of Bash scripts which controls execution of BetonBuild scritps (formally know as BBS).

The Beton Build scripts are similar to Patrick J. Volkerding SlackBuild scripts and are very useful for building variety software packages and version maintaining. BDT provide configurable environment, manage optimalization flags, target string and logging facility (Changelog format and full build log for compilation debugging). Due to modular BDT design users can extend functionality with autoloadable functions.

Project is still in development state but all released versions are well tested. Latest release is BDT-1.0rc2.

Please report bugs to:

Jacek £uczak - luczak.jacek@gmail.com

£ukasz Jankowski - lukasjankowski@gmail.com

Micha³ Osyczka - osyczka@gmail.com

» News

bdt-1.0 rc2 release

We are pleased to announce the second release candidate of the Beton Development ToolKit which can be downloaded from here.

fixbuild for BDT 1.0rc1

Fast fixbuild for BDT 1.0rc1, can be downloaded from here.

bdt-1.0 rc1 release

The first release candidate BDT 1.0rc1 is available at the usual place (BDT link):


Only Slackware Linux package has been provided but it could be simply unpacked and used as well.
Under this address you can find package which include some example BetonBuild scripts and materials required by BB scripts. There are nOrNIc BB scripts and materials too. For more information please contact £ukasz Jankowski. Those BB scripts, in general, should be adapted to your own needs (especially x11.bb!). NOTE: No source packages where provided, only BB scripts and 'materias'.
There is a lot of fixes and improvements (see ChangeLog below). The most important is ,,hell bug'' (bug in BB scripts and script finding in bb_launch) which could seriously damage system.
We are close to stable (1.0) release! In general - only one more release candidate is scheduled.

Best regards
Jacek £uczak